weird... it says you havent been on this account for over a year. WHERE HAVE YOU GONE .__.

Ahhh idk who asked this but yep I’ve been away from tumblr for awhiiiiile~ 3____3;

I’ve been pretty busy with things but yeah once I have more time I’ll try to go back on tumblr again (probably on a different user but yeah)

If for some reason you miss me or don’t hate me for being on such a ridiculously long hiatus, feel free to follow me on that user in the future when I post it up on here :D
(And obcourse I’ll follow you back too!) 

Otherwise for now, I’ll leave it at that~!


P.S. …..I’m into EXO now XD
*runs away before I get attacked by shawols*

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[BLOG] Man I am such a fail D<

LOL I am so biased I only come on to post about SHINee members birthdays now OTL.

I’m actually thinking of going on hiatus off of tumblr for awhile (Not like anyone cares haha) because I dunno if I feel comfortable posting things here anymore. o__o

I guess this is why people have personal tumblrs, but for me, I’m the type of person who wants to be able to express themselves without feeling obligated to something.

Since I hate being obligated to do something, I’ve been going less and less on tumblr haha (and more on facebook lol).
What’s funny is that when I go more on tumblr, I go less on facebook, but when I go more on facebook, I go less on tumblr. (Well duh)

Anyway, if I do end up doing something with my tumblr, it will probably be switching to a different user.
If I follow you on that different user, I’ll give you a heads up (on that user obcourse), but if I don’t follow you I’m sorry .__.
I guess I want to keep a certain limit on people I want to follow now ‘cause it’s too time-consuming to have to keep track of a bunch of people.

Dear Jinki Lee (Onew),

HAPPY BIRTHDAY~! ♥♥♥♥♥♥ \8D/


ACK! Where to begin~?
Well, it’s been 2 years since I started loving you~
You never fail to make me smile with your fail Onew Conditions, your beaming smile, and just.. the way you are~ (x
If you weren’t born in this world, there would be an empty void in my life (haha ok maybe I’m being overly dramatic) but you’re like the SUN (both to me and SHINee)~
As fail as you can be sometimes, to me, you are the best leader around and I don’t know what SHINee would do without you!
Your voice is like HEAVEN to my ears and no matter how many times I hear you sing I still get butterflies in my stomach when I hear your parts in songs x3
Not to mention, you’re so friggen talented boy, I don’t even know where to begin~ ;_;
I also love how you can be cute and handsome at the same time like WTF how is that even possible~? TT^TT
Anyway, I hope you have another wonderful birthday with lots of CHICKEN~! >w< MVP foreverr ♥♥♥

Your lover, Erika

I havn’t been on much but that doesn’t excuse me from saying happy birthday \8D/
I swear to god Minho you’re getting more and more sexier every year. HOW DO YOU DO IT? LOL.
I don’t really talk/reblog too much about the other members on tumblr but Minho is among my next favorites after Onew and hotddang Minho is just jawdroppingly gorgeous in his charismatic way~ ;A;
I remember in the beginning Minho seemed a lot shyer but I love how he’s gradually opening up these days and his true personality is coming out >w>
Minho, don’t ever stop being great, yeah? (Haha I really suck at ending posts ♥)


Realize that soon.


Random but I took one of those Pokemon quizzes on FB ‘cause I was bored and I got Eevee~ XD

I am buying a kadrillion circle scarves when I go shopping next time~


source: :)

 More Winter-y pics! (:

I wish I could experience snow like this sometimes~
But then I realize how I’d probably die from the non-Cali weather xD


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